Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nate Silver at MIT

I found an article which was a liveblog of Nate Silver's interview at MIT back in February. For those that need a refresher, Nate Silver was the statistician who correctly predicted the last election with amazing accuracy (read: he got every state correct).

I have to admit, I'm a fan. Anyone who can be that accurate is definitely worth listening to. I've got the Audible version of his book, The Signal and The Noise, waiting in my queue. I just have to finish my book on the history of Google first. <---(I highly recommend that book by the way)

I have to add his work on the last election as one of the turning points that made me seriously consider a career in analytics. That was a great example, on the one of the biggest stages in the world, of how big-data can be used. You can find out more about Nate's work at his blog:

I'll leave with one of Nate's quotes from that interview:

“It’s easy to compete with stupid. How can you be differentiating is the question I would ask.” - Nate Silver