Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Next Stage: Part 3 - The Long List

Creating a list of possible programs is a labour of love. It is a time when all the possibilities are spread in front of you like toys on Christmas morning. Do I want to go to Harvard? Put it on the list.

At this stage anything is an option, but those options need to be pared down to  more manageable number. Certain biases are apparent in my list. I am partial to schools here in Florida, in San Francisco near two of my friends, and in my home...Canada.

There are schools that will always be on any list of mine, just because it is a dream to attend them: McGill, Stanford, Berkeley.

Without further delay (in alphabetical order):

The Long List:

This list can certainly grow. There are some which were on my initial Long List for IT/IS degrees that are not on this list, for example. But this is an excellent starting point. This will be updated as needed.